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Juno’s Top Nine Movies of the Decade

20 Dec

Filmmaking has really turned a corner this decade. Special effects are truly at the point where absolutely anything is possible. The first movie on the list attests to this amazing fact. While being able to produce any imagined image can be freeing, the story is still king. Several new directions were explored in this arena as well, from Memento telling a story backwards, to Primer telling a story in, uh, whatever order Primer is (or isn’t) in.
Movies on this list are not just supreme examples of movie-craft, they are also entertaining and enjoyable narratives. Enjoyable, for this list at least, is a key word here. Many many movies came out this decade which are, technically speaking, brilliant. Many of them are, critically speaking, better than some of the movies on this list. Movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, Tsotsi, Babel, Brokeback Mountain, Traffic, or City of God are technically excellent movies, worthy of becoming classics. But they are not on this list because the stories they tell are not enjoyable. They’re told magnificently, yes, but I don’t anticipate revisiting them. I don’t long to sit through them again. All the movies on this list I enjoy watching, and enjoy re-watching (and with one obvious exception I have seen each one at least twice). I should also note here, in the interest of fairness, that I have not seen even half of the movies that were made this decade. Particularly recently, I’ve been very remiss in my movie watching. Many critically acclaimed movies are not on this list because I simply haven’t seen them. Movies like Slumdog Millionaire, Everything is Illuminated, or Monsoon Wedding (to throw out a few random ones) could very well be deserving, but I don’t know.

That out of the way, let’s get on with the list that I know you’ve all been waiting for (as well as a list of some runners-up).

9. Avatar (digital 3d version) – written and directed by James Cameron:
Avatar validates movie theaters. Seeing this movie in digital 3D is an experience like nothing else. Now, to be clear, this movie will not change the world. The story is as derivative as Star Wars with characters no thicker than stereotypical cut-outs. It’s Dances With Wolves. It’s Dune. It’s Pocahontas in space. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Yet you’ve never seen, or experienced, anything remotely like Avatar. I actually wonder how they pulled off some of the visual effects in this film (like Jake’s withered legs), and that’s rare. The action is clear and easy to follow and incredible. This movie, when seen in proper digital 3d, is a glimpse into the future of cinema where screens become not just moving pictures but true windows into vast (and in this case beautiful) new worlds. Also: dragons.

The rest of the list


Billboards List

2 Feb

You know those light up billboards on roadways that they use to warn you about upcoming accidents, delays, cell phone laws, etc? When I drove up to NH for the holidays all of the boards throughout the D.C. area were lit up brightly to proclaim “Report Suspicious Behavior Call 1-800-911-everyoneisevil.com*”

Here’s a list of things that they could say which would be better:
1. smile as you pass
2. fellow drivers are human too
3. can you picture the eyes of a friend?
4. you are loved
5. wave when passed
6. slow down as you read

* not the actual number.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

20 Apr

The Good:
– I’m writing a screenplay
– Dominey
– I have a good job
– I’m able, at the end of the month, to pay all my bills (more or less)
– MarioKart Wii is here in 7 days
– I’ve discovered that making lists is an easy way to generate lj content

The Bad:
– I’m behind on my writing
– Rhea seems likely to lose her house due to being unable to re-finance the mortgage and thus her credit will be destroyed and she’ll have to find another place to live with bad credit and no income
– I’m getting little to no response in my quest for getting a job working with video
– I don’t know what I’m going to do or where I’m going to go three months from now. Or even a week from now.
– I seem unable to accumulate any sort of financial wealth
– I’m never sure how I’m going to be able to pay all my bills at the end of the month
– I’ve discovered that making lists is an easy way to generate lj content

The Ugly:
– I couldn’t make “The Good” list longer than “The Bad”
– I’ve discovered that making lists is an easy way to generate lj content

An Update

19 Mar

It has been brought to my attention (and not just by me, by actual readers!) that I haven’t updated this in a fairly long while. To correct this situation here is a non-inclusive list of things that have happened since the last update (in no particular order):

– A startling lack of writing
A trailer for Indiana Jones 4 was released
– Barack Obama became the next president*
– I look good
– I want to move to San Francisco
– I fell out of love
– Hallie and I broke up
– I can’t afford San Francisco so I want a high-paying video job (in SF) which changes that
Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out and I bought it because I was sick and bored
– I fell in love
– I updated my reel (to aid in procurement of a high-paying video job):

– I have a good construction job working with Ross and Hallie
Wall*E is going to be fantastic
– Amy visited! (It was awesome.)
A trailer for Get Smart was released and it dares to make the movie look promising

*well, ok, this technically hasn’t happened yet. But it will (I’m declaring it so), so it’s like it already has.