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Because it’s too complex and long for a hashtag. Black Lives Matter. Yes All Women. The Mockingjay Lives.

27 Nov

It’s Thanksgiving in the year 2014 (by a certain reckoning) and I live in a world where people behead other people. Seriously! Beheading! I live in a world where women are scared to be women. Where people with darker skin get shot at and killed. Where shooting and killing other people is often considered (and then demonstrated) to be ok.

I want to live in a world where humanity is free to discuss the exciting stories of our times. “Hey! There’s a new Star Wars teaser trailer coming out tomorrow!!” “Star Wars Episode 7: The One Where Han Solo is Old.” “Have you all seen the brilliant Mockingjay (part 1) yet?”

In one corner of my Facebook newsfeed people are discussing how the cops in Boston are pretty good and that being afraid of them doesn’t make too much sense. In another corner a friend of mine posted about their experience peacefully protesting and being forcefully pulled across a barrier and then arrested by Boston police. They’re pretty good though and being afraid of them doesn’t make too much sense. Maybe I read too much Facebook.

We are human beings. We ought to live in a humane world. I like to start from there because it’s the ultimate purpose behind things. The goal isn’t “just” equality. We are human beings. We ought to live in a humane world.

We ought to live in a world where it is never ok to shoot another human being. We ought to live in a world where everyone is encouraged to be who they are and given the support they need. We are human beings. We ought to live in a humane world.

Theoretically, we tell stories because they help us learn and grow. Well told stories can inform us about being human, and about how we can work towards that humane world that we all ought to be living in. I want to talk about the story of The Hunger Games, I don’t want to live it. Heck, the point of telling The Hunger Games is to show us all how to avoid living it.

And yet… here we are.

We ought to live in a humane world. Katniss is a hero because she is deeply human. She is powerfully humane in even the most inhumane and cruel circumstances. She is not a hero because she kills other people. She is not a hero because she can fight well. Indeed, when she fights and kills she becomes less human.

We need more empathy and less fear. We need to remember not just to love our friends and our families, but every human being. Every. Single. One. Even the ones who behave inhumanely.

Happy Thanksgiving. May the odds be ever in our favor, and The Force be with us. Especially since it’s waking up.


Star Wars Visual Symphony: Concerto II

9 Jul

The second in the three-part symphony is now up.  Concerto II in Love and Death

This may be my favorite of the three, although the third isn’t quite done yet. There is certainly something to enjoy about the epic conclusion, but I think this one ended up being the most powerful. Plus, there is something to be said for the Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon love scene.

The One That Got Away

23 Jun

The One That Got Away.  Short non-screenplay prose.  The first I’ve written in this format in a long time.  It’s probably a bit rough, but it’s digital, so it can always be changed.  This may become part of something larger, as I believe the narrator is a main character in a much longer work.

The One That Got Away Continue reading

You can all come back now

26 Dec

We didn’t do wishlists this year. We always do wishlists, but this year we didn’t.
We weren’t all together on Christmas morning. For 30 years straight we’ve been together on Christmas morning, but not this year.
Nobody had any time, or any money, to go Christmas shopping. Except for Rhea, who had time but no money. I drove up to NH to be there for Christmas with no presents, and the understanding that nobody else had brought presents either. There was to be stockings, and that’s it.

Never again shall I underestimate the power of my family, Christmas, and Rhea’s magical forever extending credit.

Here’s what the livingroom looked like after Santa left:
xmas morning

Yes, that’s right, there are presents under the tree. A pile of them. Christmas came, all the same.

And while that pile is smaller than we’ve ever had (though, again, there were only four of us) one of those presents contained in it a new MacBook Pro. It’s some kind of Christmas miracle. I don’t know how Rhea does it, but I’m very thankful that she does.

Plus it means I can start blogging again. I know you are all excited.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

20 Apr

The Good:
– I’m writing a screenplay
– Dominey
– I have a good job
– I’m able, at the end of the month, to pay all my bills (more or less)
– MarioKart Wii is here in 7 days
– I’ve discovered that making lists is an easy way to generate lj content

The Bad:
– I’m behind on my writing
– Rhea seems likely to lose her house due to being unable to re-finance the mortgage and thus her credit will be destroyed and she’ll have to find another place to live with bad credit and no income
– I’m getting little to no response in my quest for getting a job working with video
– I don’t know what I’m going to do or where I’m going to go three months from now. Or even a week from now.
– I seem unable to accumulate any sort of financial wealth
– I’m never sure how I’m going to be able to pay all my bills at the end of the month
– I’ve discovered that making lists is an easy way to generate lj content

The Ugly:
– I couldn’t make “The Good” list longer than “The Bad”
– I’ve discovered that making lists is an easy way to generate lj content