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Things to learn from history

1 Aug

A few facts we could learn from history:

– Making war, engaging in war, declaring war, etc. does not produce peace.

– Manufacturing goods in the most financially lucrative ways is destructive to the planet and to the human beings that live on it.

– An education system based on regimented levels and common-to-all curriculums does not result in citizens who are educated in humane well-being.


Beyond Good and Evil

21 Apr

At Quaker Meeting some weeks ago there was some interesting discussion of good and evil. When you’re a pacifist, what is the best way to confront evil? When does inaction become an active stance? Can you slay a monster without becoming a monster yourself?

On that last query, our modern myths seem to tell us that only evil can destroy evil, because destruction is itself an evil act.

They tell us that if you are good and you slay a monster, even with pure intentions, you will lose part of yourself in the process. You will be forever altered, injured, damaged, different…

Harry Potter can’t destroy Voldemort without dying himself. Anakin can’t destroy Darth Vader and Palpatine without destroying himself. Luke can’t help him without losing his hand. Gollum can’t destroy the ring without destroying himself. Frodo can’t help him without losing his finger.

If good and evil/dark and light/yin and yang are simply two sides of the same thing, then one cannot exist without the other. We cannot eliminate the Dark Side, or evil, because without them we would know not The Light, or the good. This is mythological wisdom.

But can we move past mythological wisdom? Can you imagine a world where it wasn’t true? Can you imagine a reality where good, in a vast continuum of degrees and complexities, is all there is? Where there are challenges and disagreements, but never violence, and never evil?

If you can’t imagine it, will it ever come to pass?

Not about racism. Or Lady in the Water.

26 Jul

While “against anti-racism: a new paradigm for a new world” is what initially inspired me to sit down and write something constructive with my strong emotional response, that title is really disingenuous.
What I’m writing and posting up here are pieces of a rough draft of some larger work. I don’t know what it will become (although I have visions of me defending my book to Stephen Colbert).

I’m not all that interested in racism, to be honest. Generally I find it to be a stultifying topic, which I avoid.

Yet I continue to feel strongly about what Farm and Wilderness is doing in the name of anti-racism, and their response to the idea of systemic racism. So now I’m looking into racism, anti-racism, and institutional (or systemic) racism. It’s more interesting than I expected, but so far what I’ve read and learned doesn’t seem to get at what frustrates me.
Nor is it really what interests me.
I’m much more interested in things like the composition and design of reality. What is knowledge and perhaps more importantly, how do we quantify it? Is it possible to “know” something instinctually, balls to bones, without having studied it or learned about it? Then there’s the fluid nature of truth; how does an individual’s perspective relate to (and change) truth?
Then there’s the nature of human individuals, and how we relate to, affect, and are affected by larger systems and world programs.
Racism, or anti-racism, is really just a subplot. A footnote. Maybe there will be a chapter about it or something.

Racism – proudly made in America

20 Jul

When I wrote that meme thing about the six things, the first one was about how much I get pissed off by Crossroads Anti-Racism and that seemed like a fairly odd thing to write. They don’t go around kicking puppies (as far as I know) so it’s not as if they’re the easiest group in the world to hate. But I thought about it, and realized that so few things in the world make me feel that strongly, one way or the other, that I should probably do something with that emotion. So taking a page from writersblocklive I’m going to interactively write my response (tentatively called “against anti-racism, A new paradigm for a new world”). This means that as I write things, or get ideas for things I should write, I post them. This means that you’re reading this book (or whatever it becomes) as I write it, so not only will you read the final thing before everyone else, you’ll read all the early drafts, pieces, and cut bits.
And you can tell me how to change them. And why. Does what I wrote make sense? Are there details missing? Am I wrong? Is there a better metaphor? A different and more useful way to explain something? It’s your mission to let me know.

So without further ado, here’s what I wrote this morning:

Racism – proudly made in America